Amended Planning Application for the vacant site behind Oliver’s Battery shops – UPDATE

13 July update: WCC’s Planning Officer has confirmed the final date for receipt of public comments on this application has changed from 14 July to 27 July. The PC’s own comments (objection) have been submitted and are available on the WCC planning website.
(AMENDED PLANS 30.06.2020) Redevelop the land at the rear of 93-95 Oliver’s Battery Road South to provide seven new dwellings.   Planning Application Ref. 19/02852/FUL   

Residents’ attention is to drawn to an amended planning application that has been submitted by Vivid Homes for the vacant plot behind the shops in Oliver’s Battery Local Centre. Vivid’s proposal is for 7 new dwellings with 14 parking spaces and open space, and 8 new garages to replace the existing garages.

This scheme replaces a previous proposal by the same applicant that the PC submitted an objection to via the Winchester City Council planning website; the PC considered the amended scheme at its meeting on 7 July and concluded the same serious concerns remain and is submitting a further objection.

The land forms a significant part of the Oliver’s Battery Local Centre as defined by Winchester’s Local Plan planning policy and is therefore designated for retail and commercial use; the proposed application seeks to convert the land use to residential.

The PC’s main concerns are that the existing opportunities on the site for local businesses and employment would be lost forever if the proposed scheme is consented, together with increased traffic through the village centre and at the Badger Farm Road junction.

The PC invites residents to review the amended scheme and submit their own comments at the Winchester City Council planning website. Closing date for public comments is 14 July and the amended scheme can be viewed here or by going to

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