Golf Course and further developments

This update is based on the letter from the Golf Club manager to members, which confirms that the survey being undertaken at the club by a property specialist this week is in connection with a future development.

As noted in the earlier post, the South Winchester Golf Course is included in the SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment), which are sites that landowners tell WCC are available for development.  WCC has concluded that the site can be developed with enough space for 1,072 houses between 10 and 15 years in the future.

If you want to let WCC know what you think about development at the Golf Course and about Royaldown, please see other posts in News about how to respond to the WCC consultation “Your Place Your Plan”.

Golf Course and possible development

A local resident has reported, via Jan Warwick our County Councillor, that a firm is doing a survey and/or soil tests across the whole area of South Winchester Golf Course, which appears to be something to do with a housing development.

The South Winchester golf course is included in the SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment), which are sites that landowners tell WCC are available for development.

Finding out about this makes it even more important that as many people as possible respond to the local plan consultation.  See post dated 20th March below for how to respond.  Post is named – Royaldown / Save South Winchester /Local Plan Consultation

This site would fit into WCC’s Homes for All Option 2, which is why we have issued guidance to local residents about the importance of responding to the consultation and why we think Option 2 (an extension of Winchester) is the third worst option (Option 3 new settlement, eg Royaldown, being worst).

The consultation is not just about the risk of a development like Royaldown but also other large developments in and around Oliver’s Battery. 

If you haven’t already responded to the consultation, please do so before 12 April.

The Council are trying to establish what is happening at the golf course and why and will update you when we receive any further information.

Royaldown / Save South Winchester /Local Plan Consultation

In relation to the guidance for Residents on Completing the Winchester City Council Strategic Options and Priorities Consultation issued by the PC recently, I’ve received a request to simplify the guidance to only the Green Belt and Homes for All Options, for those who would like to support the PC and SSW and just want to respond to these key issues.

Completing the whole consultation is challenging even with guidance, so as requested, I’ve attached guidance only focussed to the Green Belt and Homes for All Options.

I’ve also included some guidance  on how to find your way into the consultation, which I hope you’ll find helpful. Please click on the link  below to download the document.

OBPC Guidance for Local Residents – Green Belt and Homes for All Options

I’ve changed the colour of some of the text to red if you want to go completely minimalist and not include any of the associated info. Please don’t forget to rank the 4 Options in Q1 of Homes for All (although none are the preferred option, by ranking these options you are confirming to WCC which are the worst), as well as including Option 5 as the preferred option.

Please remember, if you want to answer more questions, you can do so and further guidance will be issued in early April.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

David Kirkby

Vice Chair Oliver’s Battery Parish Council