Golf Course and possible development

A local resident has reported, via Jan Warwick our County Councillor, that a firm is doing a survey and/or soil tests across the whole area of South Winchester Golf Course, which appears to be something to do with a housing development.

The South Winchester golf course is included in the SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment), which are sites that landowners tell WCC are available for development.

Finding out about this makes it even more important that as many people as possible respond to the local plan consultation.  See post dated 20th March below for how to respond.  Post is named – Royaldown / Save South Winchester /Local Plan Consultation

This site would fit into WCC’s Homes for All Option 2, which is why we have issued guidance to local residents about the importance of responding to the consultation and why we think Option 2 (an extension of Winchester) is the third worst option (Option 3 new settlement, eg Royaldown, being worst).

The consultation is not just about the risk of a development like Royaldown but also other large developments in and around Oliver’s Battery. 

If you haven’t already responded to the consultation, please do so before 12 April.

The Council are trying to establish what is happening at the golf course and why and will update you when we receive any further information.

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  1. The facts of this are that is actually the golf course has requested the bore hole survey with the environment agency not a housing company. They are doing this to check for landfill. They are doing this now because the course is currently closed so there is no disruption to golf. Not only is there a covenant on the land but the likely course of action according to the Crown Golf CEO is for leisure facilities, gym etc possibly some holiday lets or similar on parts of the land currently not being used for golf. Many site are being looked at for housing around Winchester, Royaldown of course, Royal Winchester and many others. Just because land COULD be used for housing doesn’t mean it will be. The road infrastructure and extreme difficulty in enlarging the infrastructure on the journey from South Winchester into Winchester makes housing here very unlikely. We all know how traffic is a huge problem on the road into and back from town, imagine that with 2000 cars added. It’s not going to happen. Add to this the fact that there is petitions to make the course green belt land, then this is all a storm in a teacup. It’s also worth knowing that the land over the road from the golf club was bought a few years ago by a housing company but they recently reneged on that deal because they said it would be too expensive to build the infrastructure needs for houses in this area. This information come from the man who owns that land.

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