HCC notification of Roadworks at Badger Farm Road

Notice has been received from HCC Highways as follows, relating to the M3 smart motorway compound at Badger Farm Road:

Works to construct a vehicular access on Badgers Farm Road and similar egress onto Otterbourne Road as shown on the enclosed Drawing No HE549338-0141 will begin shortly. These works will facilitate operation of the temporary compound area associated with M3 Smart Motorway Improvement Project, which are programmed to commence on Wednesday 1st September 2021 for approximately 4 weeks.

The new compound and entry/exit from it are temporary and will be fully reinstated on completion of the M3 works (approximately 3 years).

Sept – M3 Jn 9-14 smart mway scheme – works to Badger Farm Road – Location Plan
Sept – M3 Jn 9-14 smart mway scheme – left out
Sept – M3 Jn 9-14 smart mway scheme – left in



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