Help shape Hampshire’s new Local Transport Plan – CONSULTATION

The County Council is asking for views on a draft Local Transport Plan (LTP4) that aims to support the county’s economic prosperity, decarbonise the transport system, and help people in Hampshire live healthy lives

 The LTP4 will define the future of travel and transport in Hampshire to 2050. If adopted, it would guide the County Council’s transport and travel infrastructure planning and design in favour of improving travel choices for people by transforming and widening the appeal of walking, cycling and use of public transport.

 The plan proposes transformational changes which:

  • Shift away from planning for vehicles, towards planning for people and places
  • Reduce reliance on private car travel
  • Support economic development and regeneration
  • Meet national priorities to decarbonise the transport system
  • Promote active lifestyles

 The consultation runs until 26 June 2022 and people can take part at:

 Subject to the results of the consultation the new Local Transport Plan is expected to be adopted by early 2023.

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