M3 junctions 9 to 14 project update

The Council has been given an update from National Highways/SMP Alliance on what is happening with work on the M3 between junctions 9 and 14:

During 2021 we began some very early work to prepare the junction 9 to 14 stretch of the M3 for its upgrade to an all lane running motorway.

 On 12 January 2022 the Government issued their response to the Transport Select Committee report, which paused construction of any new all lane running motorways until 2024 when a full 5 years’ worth of safety data will be available.

 The M3 junction 9 to 14 all lane running upgrade is one of the schemes being paused.

You can read more information about the Government’s response to the Transport Select Committee here: Rollout and safety of smart motorways: Government Response to the Committee’s Third Report – Transport Committee (parliament.uk) or by scanning the QR code using the camera on a mobile phone or tablet.

What this means for the M3 junction 9 to 14 project

This means that the M3 junction 9 to 14 all lane running upgrade will not be going ahead at this time.

We will however be working to upgrade the existing central reservation barrier from metal to concrete, as this delivers standalone safety benefits.

We’ll do this by removing the existing metal barriers and building new concrete safety barriers, along with installing new drainage.

We will update you further when we have more information.

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