Walking, Running and Cycling in Olivers Battery

In this page you can find:

  • Walk, Run and Ride Ideas
  • Footpaths and Bridleways
  • Outdoor Review Days

Walk, Run and Off-Road Cycling Ideas

Our area offers plenty of opportunities for walking, running and off-road cycling. Below few of ideas. Please suggest your own preferred run/walks/rides.


Official Footpaths and Bridleways

Runs/Walks with a precise distance for training purposes

Official Footpaths and Bridleways

Our Parish includes the following footpaths:

  • 6 (Bridleway) – From Millers Lane (Old Kennels Lane Corner) to Hurdle Way along the western edge of the Yew Hill Butterfly Area.
  • 7 (Footpath) – from the bridge over Badger Farm Road along the Texas Drive Fields  to Millers Lane.
  • 9 (Bridleway) – from the entrance to the Recreation Ground along the Eastern edge of the Texas Drive Fields to Bridleway 8 (NB Bridleway 8 which connects to Yew Hill Butterfly Area is in Compton and Shawford Parish).
  • 501 (Footpath) – Texas Fields to Broad View Lane and Golf Course footpath (2 distinct segments)
  • 502
  • 503
  • 504
  • 505
  • 506.

Below you can find a detail of the definitive map of public rights of way 2010 (Hampshire County Council). By clicking on the picture you can get the relevant pdf document including the footpaths.



Footpaths and Bridleways Review Days

At least twice a month Cllr Fab de Liberali is walking/running our footpaths and bridleways to review and audit anything that might need intervention.
You are welcome to join to have a nice moment outdoor and to discuss any idea for our beautiful rural countryside.

Please contact Fab de Liberali if you are interested to join.