Council Meetings

The Council meets at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of every month at St Mark’s Church Hall on Oliver’s Battery Road South and members of the public are welcome to attend.  The agenda and minutes of meetings (as they become can be accessed through the links below.

Please contact the Clerk if you need more information.

Meeting dates:

The next meeting will be held on 2 June 2020

OBPC Minutes May 2020 – draft for publication

OBPC Minutes Mar 2020 – draft for publication – approved 5 May 2020

OBPC Minutes Feb 2020 – draft for publication – approved 3 Mar 2020

OBPC Minutes Jan 2020 – draft for publication – approved 4 Feb 2020

OBPC – Minutes Dec meeting – draft for publication – approved 7 Jan 2020

OBPC – Minutes Nov meeting (draft for publication) – approved 3 Dec 2019

OBPC – Minutes Oct meeting (draft) – approved at November meeting

Conclusion of audit documents for year ended 31 Mar 2019

OBPC – Minutes 3 Sept (draft) – now approved

Minutes July 2019 – draft – v2 – 17 Jul update – now approved

Documents from internal and external audits:

Notice of Public Rights Jun 2019

Notice – a summary of your rights

AGAR Section 1 (redacted)

AGAR Section 2 (redacted)

Audit 2019 Annual Return

Audit 2019 (Internal)


Minutes June 2019 – final

APM Final Minutes May 2019

OBPC May 2019 AGM Minutes – Final 30 May

April 2019 – Signed (Approved) Minutes

OBPC March 2019 Minutes

OBPCMinutesFeb19 – Final Draft

OBPC Jan19 Minutes – Final Draft

OBPC Dec Minutes 2018 Final

OBPC Nov 18 Minutes Final 

OBPC Oct2018 Minutes final 

OBPC Sept 2018 minutes

OBPC July 2018 minutes

OBPC June 2018 minutes

OBPC APM Minutes 2018

OBPC AGM May 2018 Minutes


OBPC March 2018 Minutes 


OBPCFebruary 2018 Minutes 


OBPC Jan18 Minutes

OBPC Jan18 agenda


OBPC November 2017 Minutes

The next meeting will be held on 3rd October 2017 7.30

OBPC Nov 17 agenda

OBPC Oct17 Minutes DRAFT

OBPCSept17 minutes 

OBPC Sept17 Agenda


District Councillor Report July 2017

County Councillor Report July 2017

OBPC July 2017 Agenda

OBPC June 2017 Minutes – draft

Approved Audit for submission – these are unaudited by External body and are therefore subject to change

The public has a right to view the accounts by appt with the Clerk and RFO – Please contact if you wish to review the accounts.

County Councillors report June 2017

District Councillor Annual Report 

OBPC Agenda 13th June 2017

OBPC Agenda 6th June 2017

Minutes of previous meetings

OBPC Minutes – May 2017

OBPC Chairmans Annual Report

OBPC APM Agenda 2017

OBPC May17 AGM Agenda

OBPC April17 Minutes DRAFT

OBPC March 2017 – Minutes 

OBPC February 2017 Minutes 

OBPC 10 Jan 2017 minutes

OBPC Dec 2016 minutes

OBPC November 2016 minutes

OBPC October 2016 minutes

OBPC Sept 2016 Minutes

OBPC July 2016 minutes

OBPC June 2016 Minutes

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