Private Land No Entry sign in Texas Field

Texas Drive Private Land signA new Private Land No Entry sign has been erected in Texas Field, near the entrance to the Recreation Ground.

You may recall that the evidence submitted by the PC and local residents enabled Texas Field to be listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) with WCC.  Although strongly contested by the landowner, the ACV listing confirmed community use of the land at an appeal.  For more details see

However, the listing did not change the ownership of the land.  Whilst recognising significant community use, notwithstanding it is private land, perhaps the key advantage of the ACV listing is the “Right to Bid” if the land is offered for sale.

As far as we know nothing has changed regarding Texas Field.  The owner still wishes to develop it and it’s already in WCC’s Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), which is part of the new Local Plan.

Texas Field was not part of the proposed Royaldown development, apart from a strip of land adjacent to Yew Hill Butterfly Reserve for the access road running through Compton and Shawford parish to Badger Farm Road.

It is not known whether the Royaldown developers had the landowner’s permission to install an access road across part of Texas Field.  Apparently, they did not have HCC’s permission to develop the farm land in Compton and Shawford parish.

It’s likely the owner is simply restating his ownership, as he does from time to time, by confirming that it is private not public land.

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