Royaldown / Save South Winchester / Local Plan consultation

As promised, please click here: Strategic Options and Priorities consultation – OBPC Guidance for Local Residents to see the initial guidance from Oliver’s Battery Parish Council (PC) on completing the Strategic Issues and Priorities consultation for the Winchester District’s new Local Plan, promoted on Winchester City Council’s website as Your Place Your Plan.

If you are a registered supporter of Save South Winchester, you may also receive some guidance from the Save South Winchester Campaign Group (SSWCG).  Some of the detail is different but what both the PC and SSWCG agree is that the two most important items in responding to the consultation are promoting a 5th Option in Issue 4: Homes for All and the importance of a Green Belt in South Winchester in Issue2: Biodiversity and the Natural Environment.  Both are explained in detail in the guidance.

The PC hopes you will find the attached guidance helpful but, of course, you can choose whether or not to follow the guidance.

Not everyone in Oliver’s Battery is on this Contacts List, so please feel free to share this guidance with any local residents who you think might find it useful.

David Kirkby

Vice Chair Oliver’s Battery Parish Council

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