Sir John Moore Barracks – First Consultation

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has decided to sell this site and is in the process of progressing a new vision, which is shown in this phase 1 consultation.

This consultation, which closes on 22 Jan, is available at

The site is located on the edge of the City of Winchester, between Littleton and Harestock.

The consultation includes an early stage concept masterplan.

Their intention is to create a sustainable, mixed use community, including a range of new homes and a park and ride facility.

If an application along the lines proposed is approved, it will make effective use of this previously developed (brownfield) site and thereby reduce the pressure on greenfield sites elsewhere in the Winchester district, for example the Royaldown proposal between Oliver’s Battery and Hursley.

You are encouraged to complete the short consultation, which comprises 11 questions, predominantly multiple choice but also some free text opportunities.

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