Strategic Issues and Priorities Consultation for the new WCC Local Plan – update

Text of an email sent to the contacts list:

As promised, please see attached the full response from Oliver’s Battery Parish Council (PC) on completing the Strategic Issues and Priorities consultation for the Winchester District’s new Local Plan, promoted on Winchester City Council’s website as Your Place Your Plan.  NB the closing date is 12 April 2021.

The first page is the “About you” page from the consultation website, relevant for a submission from an organisation. The link to this page in the consultation is  This is marked in the consultation as a required section and within it answers are required to questions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 14.  Although the answers do not need to be provided in this format it is important that they are clearly included in your response.

You have received the shorter versions of the PC’s response covering the key issues and may have already responded to WCC.

If you want to provide a more complete response, the PC hopes you will find the attached helpful but, of course, you can choose whether or not to follow the PC’s responses.

If you are following the PC’s responses, where possible please use your own words.

Not everyone in Oliver’s Battery is on this Contacts List, so please feel free to share this with any local residents who you think might find it useful.

Strategic Issues and Priorities consultation – OBPC response – Full Final – 6 April

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