WCC Strategic Housing & Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

The agenda for WCC’s Cabinet meeting on 8 December included at item 7: Approval of Strategic Housing & Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) for publication (Pages 5 – 836).

Cabinet decision: ‘That the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) 2021, attached at Appendix 1 to report CAB3316 and the Register of ‘Green Sites’, attached at Appendix 2 to the report, be approved and they are both published as part of the evidence base for the new Local Plan.’

The full agenda and links to documents are here:


The introduction to Cabinet members said: ‘The SHELAA has been updated following a “call for sites” which ran alongside the consultation on the Strategic Issues & Priorities consultation (15th February – 12th April 2021). The “call for sites” and production of a SHELAA will need to be updated at the Regulation 18 stage and at other key stages in the Plan-making process.’

The new SHELAA document is 1364 pages; Oliver’s Battery parish is on pages 546-550, Compton & Shawford 186-204; Hursley is on pages 18-40 of Appendix 1-A. I’ve attached pdfs of these parishes for ease of reference.

Note that part of one of the Hursley sites, HU12, is in fact in Oliver’s Battery parish. HU12 is part of what was previously the Royaldown site, which has been withdrawn and is not included in this SHELAA.

HU12 is noted as ‘The site is not owned by the promoter however they do have the consent of the landowners and have indicated that the site is available for development immediately.’

For wider reference and interest, the landscape surrounding Oliver’s Battery is covered in Landscape Character Assessment LC1A Hursley Scarplands on pages 947-953.

Developer proposals include a wide range of house numbers across settlements and some smaller and commercial sites. In our area:

Compton & Shawford 1267
Crawley 424
Hursley 2220 (HU01 golf course 1071, HU12 at eastern end of Port Lane 302)
Littleton & Harestock 2774
Oliver’s Battery 239 (OB01 Texas field 188, OB02 east of South View Park Homes 51)
Otterbourne 738
South Wonston 382

Royaldown is omitted but is replaced by HU12 and other smaller sites closer to Hursley village. HU01 (golf course) and OB01 (Texas field) are unchanged from the previous SHELAA version. OB02 is a new site.

The SHELAA includes details of 380 sites by settlement offering more than 53,000 dwellings.

Cabinet have not yet said how many houses they will commit to build, where they will go, how many more houses will be added as part of their deal with southern authorities such as Portsmouth and when the final decision will be taken. The introduction to Cabinet members said ‘more detailed work including discussions with Parish Councils will take place over the coming months in terms of which SHELAA sites would meet the development strategy in the new Local Plan.’

Residents are invited by the Parish Council to comment, so if you wish to comment please email the Clerk on clerkoliversbattery@gmail.com.

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