Strategic Issues and Priorities Consultation for the new WCC Local Plan – update

Text of an email sent to the contacts list:

As promised, please see attached the full response from Oliver’s Battery Parish Council (PC) on completing the Strategic Issues and Priorities consultation for the Winchester District’s new Local Plan, promoted on Winchester City Council’s website as Your Place Your Plan.  NB the closing date is 12 April 2021.

The first page is the “About you” page from the consultation website, relevant for a submission from an organisation. The link to this page in the consultation is  This is marked in the consultation as a required section and within it answers are required to questions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 14.  Although the answers do not need to be provided in this format it is important that they are clearly included in your response.

You have received the shorter versions of the PC’s response covering the key issues and may have already responded to WCC.

If you want to provide a more complete response, the PC hopes you will find the attached helpful but, of course, you can choose whether or not to follow the PC’s responses.

If you are following the PC’s responses, where possible please use your own words.

Not everyone in Oliver’s Battery is on this Contacts List, so please feel free to share this with any local residents who you think might find it useful.

Strategic Issues and Priorities consultation – OBPC response – Full Final – 6 April

Golf Course and possible development

South Winchester Golf Course – Bloor Homes Southern site investigation map

The photo  in the above link was taken by a local resident of a map on the Golf Course.

Another local resident was told by the contractors it was for the Environment Agency (EA), but when checked, the EA denied any knowledge of any work there.

An email sent to golf club members confirms that the survey being undertaken at the club is by a property specialist, to establish the site’s suitability for future development.

Attention is drawn not only to the locations of works across the golf course but that the client is noted as Bloor Homes Southern.

National Census Day Action Fraud Advice

From Neighbourhood Alert:

As most people may be aware, National Census Day is on 21 March.

As part of this, households across the UK are currently receiving letters which include an unique 16-digit code to access the census online.

Criminals may try to use this as an opportunity to send out phishing emails or texts. Below is advice from our Action Fraud partners:

* You will only be contacted about the census via letter – never email, text or phone.
* When filling out the census you will be asked for personal details such as your date of birth, your occupation and where you live. You will never be asked to provided your national insurance numbers or financial details.

For information about the census, please visit:

Advice on keeping yourself safe from scams can be found here:

Royaldown / Save South Winchester / Local Plan consultation

As promised, please click here: Strategic Options and Priorities consultation – OBPC Guidance for Local Residents to see the initial guidance from Oliver’s Battery Parish Council (PC) on completing the Strategic Issues and Priorities consultation for the Winchester District’s new Local Plan, promoted on Winchester City Council’s website as Your Place Your Plan.

If you are a registered supporter of Save South Winchester, you may also receive some guidance from the Save South Winchester Campaign Group (SSWCG).  Some of the detail is different but what both the PC and SSWCG agree is that the two most important items in responding to the consultation are promoting a 5th Option in Issue 4: Homes for All and the importance of a Green Belt in South Winchester in Issue2: Biodiversity and the Natural Environment.  Both are explained in detail in the guidance.

The PC hopes you will find the attached guidance helpful but, of course, you can choose whether or not to follow the guidance.

Not everyone in Oliver’s Battery is on this Contacts List, so please feel free to share this guidance with any local residents who you think might find it useful.

David Kirkby

Vice Chair Oliver’s Battery Parish Council

Oliver’s Battery Community Film Nights

Watch a film from the comfort of your armchair with Oliver’s  Battery Community Film nights, showing on alternate Wednesday evenings.
Please see the banner displayed by the bike shop, with QR code.
All details of film, newsletters, how to join in at
Look out for updated information about when we are able to return to a community venue, which we will publish as soon as we are able to.
Jan and the team

Promotion of Countryside Code due to popular demand – Central Hants

The Access Teams at Hampshire County Council wish to promote their latest edition of the Rights of Way Access Teams newsletter and an educational video promoting the Countryside Code.

Due to a high demand from users of the Rights of Way network, landowners and Parish Councils, HCC has produced a ‘Countryside Code Special’ for their Newsletter this month, and alongside this an educational video regarding dogs in the countryside.

The message is to ‘Respect, Protect and Enjoy’ our countryside and the Rights of Way network, especially during this time when we are seeing a huge increase in the network being enjoyed by people.

Here is a link to the Newsletter:

Link to the dog video:

Get to Know Your NHS! Public meeting 9 March 2021

A message from the Communications team at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:

Everyone living in north and mid Hampshire is invited to join a free online session to hear more about their local NHS, as part of the Hampshire Together: Modernising our Hospitals and Health Services programme.

The Get to Know Your NHS event, which will take place on Tuesday 9 March 2021 at 7.30pm, has been arranged to provide further information and answer queries on how local services are currently delivered in the lead up to public consultation on the Hampshire Together programme – due to take place later this year.

The aim of the session is to describe how services are currently delivered and from where and explain why it is felt improvements could be made.

Dr Matt Nisbet, a local GP, is one of the speakers who will take part in the event. He said: “We know people are interested in what’s going on in their local NHS and care passionately about the services in their local community. During this event, we will showcase what we currently do and explain how and where we do it before looking ahead to the future.

“We are inviting local residents to join us to hear directly from those involved in the programme. We will also be discussing the best ways to communicate with the public in the lead up to public consultation later this year as we want to hear from as many people as possible.

“We need to get this right in order to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time, for generations to come in a timely and sustainable fashion – so I would encourage everyone to attend.”

The event will take place online via Zoom videoconferencing due to the current restrictions in place to help combat COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to take part, you can register by clicking here

The Hampshire Together programme is part of the government’s plan to invest in the NHS and build 40 new hospitals by 2030, with north and mid Hampshire as one of the areas to benefit from funding.

It includes the potential for the construction of a brand-new hospital, with health and care partners working together to develop health, wellbeing and care services that provide everyone across north and mid Hampshire with access to high-quality, timely and sustainable hospital services as close to home as possible.

More information about the programme can be found at and details of how hospital services are currently provided can also be found online at

Thank you for your continued support

Communications team

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Winchester Emerging Local Plan

Strategic Issues and Priorities Consultation

You may know that the Parish Council (PC) is supporting the Save South Winchester Campaign Group (SSWCG).  We are seriously concerned that the proposed ‘Royaldown’ development of 5,000 houses, commercial centre, 5 solar farms, a 2,200 space park and ride, etc in Oliver’s Battery, Compton and Hursley will adversely affect the countryside all around us.

We know that many of our residents are also very worried about the possibility of this enormous development (known as a strategic allocation) appearing in the next Local Plan.

We are planning to put regular information and updates, relating to the emerging Local Plan and how it might impact on Oliver’s Battery, on our website and Facebook and send emails to local residents who have signed up to our Contacts List (details on how to join the Contacts List are included in the two recent flyers).

You may have seen promotions from Winchester City Council (WCC) encouraging you to respond to their consultation on their draft Local Plan. This consultation opened on 15 February and closes on 12 April 2021.

The consultation document is a long and complex read, asking the public to answer questions on a wide range of topics.

The Parish Council is working with SSWCG and Hursley Parish Council to analyse this complex document and will offer an interpretation and guidance on how to respond to it.

We encourage as many of you as possible to respond to the consultation, as this will have a direct impact on whether Royaldown, or something similar, comes to countryside in and around Oliver’s Battery.

However, if you can be patient and wait, we expect to issue our commentary by 15 March, which we hope will help inform your choices in responding to this very important consultation.


Call for Sites

At the same time as the Strategic Issues and Priorities Consultation, WCC are also conducting an additional ‘Call for Sites’ whereby sites can be submitted to be considered for allocation for a range of purposes in the Local Plan, Housing – including small sites, gypsy and travellers’ sites and custom/self-build sites, Brownfield sites, Employment sites, Renewable Energy Generation sites, Biodiversity offsetting, Carbon offsetting, Nutrient offsetting, Green infrastructure.   Please use the following link to submit your site: Winchester District Local Plan 2018-2038 Call for Sites 2021