South Winchester Golf Course

Golf Course and housing development – update

Further to the website post on 31 March, regarding the site investigation by Bloor Homes Southern, see below for latest update.

Email from Roger Tomey General Manager on behalf of South Winchester Golf Club on 30 April 2021

The wording in the link above is the email from Roger Tomey, General Manager on behalf of South Winchester Golf Club on 30 April 2021.

The email notifies members of the South Winchester Golf Club that terms for the sale of the freehold of the site have been agreed between Crown Golf and Bloor Homes.

Bloor Homes is one of the largest privately owned housebuilding groups in the UK.

The terms include for the site to be leased back to Crown Golf, initially until 2026 (the end date of the deed of covenant).

The email states that the SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Allocation) being undertaken by Winchester City Council (WCC) has heightened speculative interest in South Winchester and has led to numerous approaches with a view to purchase the freehold of the club.

This appears somewhat misleading, as the SHELAA document (site ref HU01) states that “The site is being promoted by the sole landowner (who) has stated that the site is available for development”.  It also states that “The promoters of the site have not specified any issues regarding the viability in developing the site”.

Any development of the site is identified in the SHELAA to be in the period 10 – 15 years from the start of the new Local Plan, so the restrictions arising from the covenant appear to have been anticipated.

The South Winchester Golf Club site was included by WCC in the current and previous SHELAAs because it was promoted for development by Crown Golf.

The PC issued guidance to local residents on responding to the recent WCC Strategic Issues and Priorities (Your Place Your Plan) consultation, including how to score their Options and promoting a new Option.

Although the Golf Club is in Hursley Parish, the PC supports SSWCG (Save South Winchester Campaign Group) in resisting development on this site.  There are many sites more suitable for housing within the Winchester District, without removing this beautiful, amenity space.