Recreation Ground

Oliver’s Battery Recreation Ground

The recreation ground situated South of Oliver’s Battery parish Council is a beautiful place and it represents one of our most precious assets as a Parish Council.


The council is now considering a few other initiatives to keep the area attractive and to stimulate good social behaviour and help create a stronger community.

With this objective in mind we have decided to publish a Local Recreation Area Satisfaction Survey and Potential Improvements. Please visit this link to fill the survey.

Outdoor and History

We aim to promote the history of Wessex and England as each project will also named after King Alfred and the Saxons.

Charles Dickens wrote of King Alfred:

“The noble king … whom misfortune could not subdue, whom prosperity could not spoil, whose perseverance, nothing could shake. Who was hopeful in defeat, and generous in success. Who loved justice, freedom, truth and knowledge”.

Adult Fitness Equipment, More Benches, Bins and Cycle Rack

In the spring of 2019, the Council agreed works at the Recreation Ground which were funded by WCC’s Open Space funding.  This work included a cycle rack, adult fitness equipment, benches and bins.

Improvements to the Water Tap Area and Information Boards

In the autumn of 2019, the Council agreed priorities for improvements at the Recreation Ground to be funded by a grant from HCC Cllr Jan Warwick, comprising the following:

  1. A concrete hardstanding to stop the area under the water tap being a bog
  2. Replace existing tap with a concussive tap more effective for drinking water use.
  3. Add a separate facility to provide water via a hose for bike cleaning and water for dog bowl, using the existing tap
  4. Installing four A3 size information boards, one a site board to show all the facility information in one place and three to explain the use of individual pieces of adult fitness equipment. The idea is to accommodate two A4 sheets that can be changed and improved

Since the tunnel and mound was installed several years ago, the grass surfacing and soil around tunnel entrances have gradually been eroded.

Re-surfacing the Tunnel Mound

In the autumn the Council also resolved to order green rubber surfacing to the tunnel mound.

The Council have also resolved that Councillors and other volunteers would undertake simple surveys of people using the Recreation Ground, including what (if any) other fitness equipment is required, is something different required, improvements to information boards, etc.

Vision for the Recreation Ground

A presentation of a Vision for the Recreation Ground from some of Cllr de Liberali ideas was made to the Parish Council at their March meeting by Architect Laura Battersby of Studio Battersby Edgley: Vision for Rec April 2019

The Saxons Trail and the Vikings Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We now have few fitness equipments and the Saxons Trail has been marked.

The Vikings & the Saxon Noble King Play Area

The latest play equipment area is aimed at pre-school children and toddlers and comprises two forts and a ship, linked together by a circuit of smaller play elements, including stepping stones in the form of a “balancing dragon”, a balance weaver, monkey bars and a tunnel within a earth mound. One of the forts and the ship is accessible to wheelchairs.

The children can role play Vikings and Saxons and move to and from the forts and ship, which will provide a variety of challenging play opportunities, learning and help promote the children’s wellbeing and development.