Hampshire County Council – Public Consultation on 20mph zones

Hampshire County Council is seeking the views of residents about 20 mph limits within Hampshire

The County Council is keen to hear from as many residents, businesses and other stakeholders as possible, to find out their views on the implementation of 20mph limits in the context of other highways priorities and the County Council’s statutory duties to maintain the highway in a safe condition within a limited budget. 

The findings from the survey, together with data about use of the highway, speed enforcement, road safety and environmental impacts will be important in helping to shape future policy relating to 20mph speed limits in Hampshire and, in turn, future decision-making around 20mph speed limits. 

The survey is available at: https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/transportschemes/20mph-speed-limits-consultation and should take just 15 minutes to complete.

It is open until midnight on Monday 12 September 2022.

WCC Suspending Green Waste Collection from Monday 4 July

With our apologies for any inconvenience this is likely to cause but due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have to temporarily suspend the garden waste service for the week commencing Monday 4 July 2022. This unfortunate disruption to our service is due to unexpected staffing shortages.

If you are due a garden waste collection next week, we ask that you please do not put your garden waste bin/containers out for collection.  We will contact you again by email when the service resumes and please be assured we are working hard to avoid any further disruptions and our intention is that only one garden waste collection will be missed.

No other services are suspended, so all other bins and containers should be left out as normal.

If you cannot store your garden waste until your next scheduled collection it can be disposed of at your local household waste & recycling centre free of charge.

As your garden waste will not be collected and we are unable to return at later time to collect, we are reviewing what options are available to compensate you for this inconvenience and will email you again as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this unavoidable suspension of service may cause and are working hard to resume our usual service as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding.

For any further information or should you have any questions, please contact:

Campbell Williams Service Lead – Environmental Services cwilliams@winchester.gov.uk 07591814617

HCC Consultation on Supported Transport

If you use Dial-a-Ride, Call and Go or Taxishare services in your local community or hold a Concessionary Travel bus pass you will want to know about changes we are proposing to our financial support for these schemes. Our consultation is open until Sunday 24 July.

The proposals seek to continue to deliver effective services, within a reduced budget, through:

  • Making operational changes to supported passenger transport services (including supported bus services, Dial-a-Ride, Call & Go, Taxishare and Minibus Group Hire services)
  • Removing some discretionary enhancements to the Concessionary Travel Scheme currently funded by the County Council, including, for example, no longer providing taxi vouchers as an alternative to a Disabled Person’s Bus Pass
  • Increasing the contributions users pay for some services, eg. introducing a £1 fare for all Taxishare services and increasing the charge for replacing lost and damaged bus passes. There is no charge for replacing a stolen pass. The consultation is available here: https://www.hants.gov.uk/…/consulta…/passenger-transport

An Update on the Local Plan from the WCC Strategic Planning Team

(Scroll down for information on how you can register for email alerts and get involved in the public consultation)

The Local Plan sets out how we intend to accommodate the growth we need to plan for in the district, outside the South Downs National Park, for the period up to 2039.

Local Plan timetable: what has changed?  

Several factors have surfaced which now means that it is challenging to adhere to the existing timetable for the 6 week public consultation on the Regulation 18 draft Local Plan that was due to take place between August/September 2022:

  • Extending the time for parish/town councils/Town Forum to respond to the request to identify suitable sites to accommodate housing in their towns and villages;
  • New guidance issued by Natural England in March 2022, without prior warning, relating to the impact of wastewater produced by new development on the integrity of nationally protected sites which now includes phosphates as well as nitrates in the River Itchen Catchment area; and
  • Availability of counsel providing legal guidance for the draft plan.

When will be consulting on draft Regulation 18 Local Plan?

Taking into account the above considerations, the City Council is not intending to change the adoption date of the Local Plan (Autumn 2024) but we have adjusted the date of the 6 week public consultation on the Regulation 18 Local Plan.

The draft Regulation 18 Local Plan is now due to be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on the 18th October 2022.   Subject to any views from Cabinet, the 6 week public consultation on the draft Local Plan will now take place between 2nd November and the 14th December.  There will be an Local Plan Advisory (LPAG) meeting to discuss the draft Local Plan around the middle of September (date to be confirmed).

What will be included in the draft Regulation 18 Local Plan?

The draft Regulation 18 Local Plan will bring together and review existing Development Management policies from the existing adopted Local Plan (Part 1 & Part 2), the Gypsy and Travellers Development Plan Document and it will include new Local Plan policies and site specific allocations that are needed to deliver the development strategy in the new Local Plan.

The new Local Plan will be structured so that polices addressing particular issues will be grouped together under a number of specific topics.

This consultation will give everyone the opportunity to have a say in the final shape of the Local Plan.  It will be important that you take part and also please help us reach as many of our members of public as possible.

How can I get involved?

Please register for email alerts https://www.winchester.gov.uk/forms/showform.asp?fm_fid=279 and please do look out for more news about how to get involved in the public consultation that will be taking place between 2nd November and 14th December 2022 as we really do want as many people as possible to give their views on the future of the district.

M3 junctions 9 to 14 – Barrier improvements

Update from National Highways:

Even though plans to upgrade the M3 junction 9 to 14 to an all lane running motorway have been paused, we’re continuing to make some big safety improvements.

We’re replacing the old metal central reservation barrier between junctions 9 and 14 with a safer concrete one.

You may have seen us changing the road layout between junctions 12 and 14, removing the existing road markings and getting ready to install temporary barriers.

From late June 2022, temporary traffic management measures will be in place between these junctions, creating a safe space for our teams and the travelling public. We need to do this before we can carry out the safety barrier improvements.

From early July 2022, we plan to start work in the central reservation between junctions 12 and 14. This will involve removing the existing metal safety barriers and lighting columns, cutting and breaking the road surface, digging trenches, drainage work, laying foundations, constructing the new concrete central reservation itself and sections of re-surfacing.

Overnight from mid-July 2022 for about eight weeks, we’ll begin preparation works on both carriageways between junctions 9 and 12. Our overnight working hours are 7pm to 7am on weekdays and 6pm to 8am on Saturdays and Sundays when traffic levels are at their lowest.

For the most up to date information, please check our website.

Will my journey be affected?

Three lanes will remain open to traffic, meaning the hard shoulder will be used as a running lane. There will be a reduced speed limit of 50mph, CCTV coverage and a free recovery service.

We aim to carry out these works during the day between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays and occasional Sundays.

This work will be carried out overnight – check before you travel:

What are the benefits?

Concrete barriers significantly reduce the risk of vehicles crossing over from one carriageway to another, improving safety and reducing the duration of incident-related congestion. They are also virtually maintenance free and will last longer than normal metal barriers, with far less need for closures for routine repairs.

Go Green with My Journey

We’re working closely with our partners to make it easier for people to use sustainable transport when travelling on our network. It’s good for the planet and helps reduce congestion on one of our busiest motorways. My Journey Hampshire

My Journey is a useful website to find information about local cycle routes to work, walking maps or links to public transport. Plus, the Travel Smart section can help you make informed travel choices that benefit you and the environment, especially during the roadworks in the region.

For more information, visit the My Journey Hampshire website or sign up to receive alerts.

We want to hear from you

We recently launched a feedback tool and would like to hear your thoughts. The tool includes an interactive map, which lets you to click on a location and make a comment, or you can give us more general feedback.

Visit our M3 junction 9 to 14 web page to have your say

If you wish to find the answer to a specific query or issue, please email the project team.

Keep in touch

If you have any questions about the M3 junction 9 to 14 project, please contact National Highways by:

  • Email – info@highwaysengland.co.uk
  • Phone – 0300 123 5000
  • Letter – M3 9 to 14 safety barrier improvement project, National Highways, 2 Colmore Square, Birmingham, B4 6BN

For commonly asked questions, please see the list of FAQs on our website.

Information on driving safely on motorways


PRESS RELEASE – New charity to help people living with dementia in Hampshire & IOW

Dementia Support – Hampshire & IOW is a new charity that has been set up by local people with lived experience, to respond to the needs of local people living with dementia and their family carers. The charity provides free emotional support, information, and signposting for anyone and everyone living with dementia in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Charity Director, Helen Hamblen says “We know from first-hand experience the emotional impact a dementia diagnosis has on patients, families, and caregivers. Common feelings during this life-changing experience can include anxiety, distress, and depression, not just for the person that has dementia but for the whole family. Families and friends provide most of the care for people with dementia and it is vital that everyone living with dementia receives the help and support they need to maximise their health and wellbeing.”

According to the Department of Health there are now 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, costing the economy around £26.3bn a year. 52% of people in the UK know someone who has dementia. By 2025, one million people in the UK will have dementia, and this will increase to two million by 2050. 1 in 3 people born this year will develop dementia in their lifetime. 

Hampshire is one of the top five UK areas with the highest incidence of dementia, with over 24,000 people in the county being diagnosed with dementia in 2020 (ARUK).

Dementia Support – Hampshire & IOW provides a helpline which is available 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). Anyone struggling with their emotions due to a new diagnosis or because they are feeling overwhelmed with their caring responsibilities is invited to call and chat with a member of staff or volunteer that will be on hand with a listening ear. People can also phone if they are struggling to find information about dementia, and pathways for diagnosis, treatment, or care, and a website full of information is being launched this week. The website will include information about dementia, dementia pathways, finance and benefits, memory and living aids, as well as details about support groups and social events across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. 

Helen Hamblen says “Support for people living with dementia is hard to find, and at a time when your whole world is upside down and you are dealing with the emotional impact that dementia brings, the last thing you need is to have to search tirelessly for support near to where you live. The national charities are great, but face-to-face support and local knowledge is what you need at times like this. We know how exhausting living with dementia can be, that’s why we’ve created this charity, to help make things just that little bit easier.” 

“We host our own support and social groups and also work with other voluntary organisations across the region so that we can provide information about all the support and social events available in our local communities.”

For more information visit www.mydementiasupport.org 

 Helpline: 0344 324 6589

WCC at the WinACC Green Homes Fair – Saturday 25 June

WCC will be at the Green Homes Fair to provide support and information on how residents in the district can make greener adjustments to their homes.

You are welcome to come in for free and visit our stall to learn more about heat pumps, solar panels, and energy, as well as hear from industry professionals and learn about possible financial assistance.

The event will be held at St Peters Church Hall, Jewry Street, Winchester, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. by Winchester Action on the Climate Crisis (WinACC).

For more information click here